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PAS-Nederland sponsors Autminds

PAS-Nederland, the interest group by and for adults with normal or high IQ within the autism spectrum, sponsors this edition of Autminds. One of the main reasons to sponsor is because of the mutual interest of the target group. Both PAS and Autminds focus and are run mainly by on people with autism.

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Submitting proposals no longer possible

It is no longer possible to submit proposals for Autminds 2016.

The deadline has passed. The programming commission would like to thank you for all submitted proposals. We have received more submissions than available slots in the program. After meticulous deliberation we will publish the full program online.


Call for proposals

Do you have autism? Would you like to contribute within Autminds’ aims and points of view as well as related to this year’s theme? Please submit your proposal!

Autminds would like to offer a mixture of education, discussions, art/creativity, meeting and relaxation. We invite people with autism to submit a proposal within these boundaries or combination of some.

Deadline for submitting your proposal is 15 July 2016.

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Theme Autminds 2016: “Visibility”

This year Autminds 2016 is focusing on Visibility.

Visibility and invisibility are important themes in regards to the emancipation of people with autism. During Autminds 2016 we would like to explore and study the theme in depth.

What comes to mind when you think of this subject:

  • Your autism’s (in)visibility (others do not recognise your stumbling blocks; outwardly it is not obvious);
  • The (in)visibility of certain groups of people with autism (women, LGBT, ethnic minorities);
  • The (in)visibility of autism-related organisations;
  • The (in)visibility of autism in our society;
  • Scientific insights and thoughts which are helpful to brainstorm on this subject.

If you prefer to contribute to this year’s edition of Autminds, we are eagerly anticipating your proposal.

Autminds organisation is looking for proposals to highlight “(In)visibility” from different points of view: the individual, groups, organisations, society and science.

Here you can read more elaborately what the subject contains.



First edition Autminds awarded with an 8!

The first edition of Autminds was a huge success as valued by comments of visitors, volunteers and lecturers. On the day the organisation received appraisal on numerous occasions. The evaluation forms show an unanimously positive trend.

In total 48 people have filled out the evaluation form (approx. 70% response rate). The average mark was an eight. About 90% of the visitors were people with autism or presumed. The most important reason for visiting was to gain knowledge and meeting (other) people with autism. This is in line with Autminds’ aims. Autminds is primarily focused on sharing knowledge and offering the opportunity to meet people with (or without) autism. Interest on the lectures varied. Most read comments were the efforts of experience experts, the inclusion of people with autism in society and working or enterprising with autism.

A few quotes from the forms:

“Well organised!”

“Inspiring workshops and a clear program (structural and theme-related)!

“Varied content, always interesting”

“Well organised, good atmosphere”

“A delicious lunch”

Besides all the positive comments we also received a few hints and tips. The most noted was to start a little later on the day. With all suggestions, remarks, etc we will work on these to make next edition even better! Obviously we cannot satisfy each and everyone’s wishes. One wish we would like to commit to is: “Please repeat next year!”



Welkom bij Autminds

Autminds is een congres voor en door mensen met autisme. Autminds biedt een mix van educatie, debat, kunst/creativiteit, ontmoeting en ontspanning. Autminds kan worden omschreven als “a meeting of minds”, vandaar de naam Aut-minds.

Autminds 2018 word gehouden op zaterdag 13 oktober 2018 in Amsterdam

Nieuwsgierig? Bekijk Autminds 2017 op www.autminds2017.nl


Shell volunteer thrust sponsors inauguration

Autminds receives a contribution from the volunteer thrust of Shell. The Shell volunteer thrust is a fund which Shell provides to its employees for their volunteer work. Diederik Weve, member of Autminds steering committee, works at Shell and found it useful to call up on it. And successfully! The money will be used in the foundation of the organisation Autminds.