Danny Van Genk


Doctors with autism

At Autminds 2016 Els told about how life works for her as a physician and being diagnosed with autism. When she received her diagnosis she felt […]

Blog about Autminds on disabilitystudies.nl

Lieke Peters-Greijn, PhD-student/researcher at Disability Studies in the Nederlands (DSiN), visited Autminds 2016. She herself has no autism. Lieke wrote a blog (in Dutch) about her experience as a non-autist […]

Autminds 2017 theme: ‘InsideOut’

The third edition of Autminds has been decided. It will be: INSIDEOUT Let’s get inspired by our theme. We hope – once more this year – […]

Photos Autminds 2016 by Ivo Ketelaar

Ivo Ketelaar’s website can be found here. Click here for more photos.

Photos Autminds 2016 by Peter Riemslag Baas

Peter Riemslag Baas, owner of Foto Eikenburg and speaker at Autminds made the following pictures. To make use of these photos you must be granted permission by the […]

First impressions from visitors

First reactions of Autminds 2016 visitors: “Thanks a million for all the efforts to create a beautiful day on Saturday. All five lectures were worth it […]


A huge thank you for everyone involved with Autminds 2016! We would also like to thank the Dr. Leo Kannerhuis for providing us location De Brouwerij […]

115 People present at Autminds 2016

Autminds 2016 visited by 115 people. The number includes speakers, volunteers and organisers. A small increase in number than last year. Autminds 2015 was visited by […]

New at Autminds: a Starters Group can help you

New at Autminds or looking for an easy (easier) way to meet new people? Will you be visiting by yourself and you know someone? Register for […]