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Autminds cooperates with WebBuildingFirm

Great news! Frank Reyniers of WebBuildingFirm will assist us in managing and further development of our website. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

Theme Autminds 2016: “Visibility”

This year Autminds 2016 is focusing on Visibility. Visibility and invisibility are important themes in regards to the emancipation of people with autism. During Autminds 2016 we […]

First edition Autminds awarded with an 8!

The first edition of Autminds was a huge success as valued by comments of visitors, volunteers and lecturers. On the day the organisation received appraisal on […]

Welcome to Autminds

Autminds is a convention for and by people with autism. Autminds offers a mixture of education, discussion platforms, art/creativity, meeting and relaxation. Autminds can be described […]

Follow Autminds on Twitter and Facebook

Autminds can also be found on Twitter and Facebook. Check the latest tweets of @AutMinds and retweet. What would you like to learn? What would you […]

Shell volunteer thrust sponsors inauguration

Autminds receives a contribution from the volunteer thrust of Shell. The Shell volunteer thrust is a fund which Shell provides to its employees for their volunteer work. […]

Deadline call for proposals extended

The deadline for submitting your proposals has been extended by one month. The new deadline is 15 june. Would you have loved to submit your proposal […]

First donation received

Great news. At least for us as Autminds organisation and consequently for the complete project of Autminds and you as visitor. The first donation from a […]