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Welcome to Autminds

Autminds is a convention for and by people with autism. Autminds offers a mixture of education, discussion platforms, art/creativity, meeting and relaxation. Autminds can be described as a “meeting of minds”, hence the name Aut-minds.

Next edition of Autminds will take place on Saturday 8 October 2016 in Oosterbeek (NL). Hopefully you will note this date down in your agenda!


First impressions from visitors

First reactions of Autminds 2016 visitors:

“Thanks a million for all the efforts to create a beautiful day on Saturday. All five lectures were worth it and would have loved to add two more days to hear them all. I hope I will have the opportunity again next year. The presentations provided a nice image of the versatility of autism. Vulnerabilities were shown, problems but also the powerful side, the believe in oneself, dedication and devotion and the peculiarity of each person.”


“The quality of certain presentations fell short.”

“Hats off to the speakers!”

“Well organised. Much effort was put in place to accomodate the visitor’s autism.”


“Announce the event to medical organisations, UWV’s (employee insurance agency), psychologist’s organisations, etc.”

“People without autism are welcome as long as they are a minority and as long as they are not present to make money from the situation.”

“I am very happy to have been present, worth the trip from far away Belgium ;)”


A huge thank you for everyone involved with Autminds 2016!

We would also like to thank the Dr. Leo Kannerhuis for providing us location De Brouwerij for free.

A special thank you goes out to Evert, De Brouwerij’s caretaker. He arrived early to let us in and left as last. Even after the event we are coorporating with him to return lost items to their rightful owners.

Of course we also would like to thank all our sponsors, volunteers and speakers.

Autminds organisation


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New at Autminds: a Starters Group can help you

New at Autminds or looking for an easy (easier) way to meet new people?

Will you be visiting by yourself and you know someone?

Register for a Starters Group. It is an easy way to make you feel welcome at Autminds. A Starters Group exists of 4-6 people which allows you to join forces. At the start of the day you will be introduced to eachother. This concept helps you to get to know a couple of people. Then you can discuss what your plans are and how, where and when you will meet up during the day. For example, you can meet up at lunchtime.

When you have registered for a Starters Group you are not stuck with your group. You attend the sessions of your own choice (you are not obliged to attend the sessions of your group). It is interesting to meet new people. Participating in a Starters Group will prove more accessible to get to know new people.

Would you like this? Send an email to register for a Starters Group to



About the program

We have assembled an interesting and varied convention program. As a visitor of Autminds, you have the choice of three different, parallel sessions.Presentations that are linked to eachother and/or cover alike themes are scheduled at different times as to allow the visitor to attend the theme completely.

Themes (groups of presentations) are:

  1. Organisations by and for people with autism; political inclusiveness of (your) autism; “the” or “your” “autistic identity”
  2. Work
  3. Life quality
  4. Subcategories within the autism spectrum/ invisibility leading to misunderstanding.

More information about the correlation between programs and themes.

Full program here.

International lecturers for our second edition of Autminds

Autminds 2016 has, just like last year, some international guests on the program.

We welcome Heta Pukki, from Finland and board member of the Finnish national association for autistic people, Suomen Aspergeryhdistys ry (ASY).

We also welcome the well known blogger Tistje (Sam Peeters) from Belgium. Sam is experience expert at the Flemish Association for Autism, and works together with GRIPvzw, a civil rights organisation for people with disabilities.

Martijn Dekker is a Dutch native however employed in England. He was associated with Autscape till 2015.

Apart from all that we have plenty of Dutch lecturers/contributors on the program. And also welcome to you! It promises to be an interesting program.

Autminds 2016 lecturers announced

The lecturers/contributors for the upcoming edition of Autminds are selected. In alphabetical order by first name:

  • Anna van der Miesen
  • Elle (in cooperation with Peter Kurvers)
  • Els
  • Germo Bekendam
  • Heta Pukki (in cooperation with Roderik Plas)
  • Jeroen van Eijk
  • Karin van den Bosch
  • Marc Beek
  • Margo van Strijp
  • Martijn Dekker
  • Menno van Beekum
  • Michel Bergijk
  • Peter Kurvers (in cooperation with Elle)
  • Peter Riemslag Baas
  • Roderik Plas (in cooperation with Heta Pukki)
  • Sam Peeters (“Tistje”)

More information will follow.